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Backlinks Audit Analysis Services

Do you know that Backlinks are one of the most significant factors in the Google algorithm. The quality of the site that links pointing to your business tells you how well your site will perform. Hence, Backlink analysis plays a crucial role.

Backlink Audit Services Explained


What is Backlink Analysis?

Backlinks provide you with a lot of benefits, from increasing Search engine traffic to grow your business and many more. More people discover your website and can become your permanent and loyal customers. All this is possible only due to a good link. You can also call it a key to success. Whereas a bad backlink violates Google’s guidelines and Google can penalize your website. Backlink analysis is so essential that you should not ignore it. 

Why Does Your Business Need Backlink Analysis?

Why is a bad backlink into existence? The answer to this is Google algorithms are very sophisticated. The SEO strategies that worked for you in the past won’t be useful for you now or have been banned by Google. As a result, if you continue to use the old and outdated SEO strategies, it may hinder your present site’s success. Make sure you get rid of all the outdated tactics.

A backlink audit can come to your rescue. Our Backlink analysis services will speed up your SEO campaign and our techniques will give you a crystal clear online presence. 

What Does a Backlink Analysis Look For?

There are many factors that a Backlink Analysis includes:

  • The site’s domain authority

  • Link Type (Follow or No-Follow)

  • Whether the link is live

  • Response codes (200, 301, 302, 404, 500)

  • Target link URL

  • The domain’s age

  • The IP address

  • The hosted location

  • The site and content relevancy


Why consider an expert for a backlink profile audit?

Performing SEO backlink audit on your own, you must have noticed that it is a time-consuming task. You need experts to analyze and classify the links. Experts examine your existing backlinks and other information. It is only possible when you use the best backlink audit service because you can identify malicious backlinks and know about the negative impact caused by them. You can get rid of such toxic and spammy backlinks without any hassle. It will save your precious time and build an excellent backlink infrastructure for you. You can also be relieved that the backlink audits are being performed according to Google policies.

It is clear from above, that with backlink audit services you can win the race by removing all the issues to achieve extraordinary results. Get higher SERP rankings and attract quality traffic, when you connect with an SEO agency like yours.

Our best backlink audit services

Link Analysis

The site’s backlinks analysis includes an examination of incoming links, their worth, relevancy, and overall capability.

Removal of Spammy links

We provide an in-depth analysis of shady, toxic, and spammy links that affect the search results page rankings.

Competitor Research

Our team provides a comprehensive outline of the competitors’ sites- everything from their website’s rankings, types of links, referring domains, etc.

Anchor Text Analysis

It helps us to understand whether you are targeting the right keywords on the right platforms for the right audience.

Identify Link Penalties

Our specialists review your link profile using the Google search console to make sure your links are penalty-free from search engines such as Google and Bing.

Superfast Fast Solutions

Once the evaluation of the website is done, we generate a detailed report within 24 hours which specifies the quality score of your website.

SERP Success

Once the toxic links are eliminated, your website will rank higher in search engine results.

Our SEO Backlink Analysis Service Process

Our SEO services consist of various stages. First, we perform an SEO backlink analysis to understand the backlink quality. We use several backlink analysis tools and link discovery methods. Secondly, we crawl all the links. Third, we put together all the relevant data such as a number of response codes, domain age, Domain Authority (DA), target link URL, etc. 

Benefits of Using Guest Blogging Technology for Backlink Audit Analysis

Guest Blogging Technology uses link-building strategies to improve your SEO rankings. We have a proven history of backlinking. We consistently offer our clients various services like full SEO link audit, website migration consultancy, backlink audit analysis, content marketing, link building, PR and strategic reporting, SEO strategy, and fully managed SEO campaigns. You can try our free SEO audit report to know more!

SEO Understanding in Depth 

Our SEO experts have been working in the SEO field for more than a decade. They have a very great understanding of SEO. This helps you to get the desirable results. 

SEO Strategy & Implementation

The key to a successful SEO campaign is SEO planning and strategy. Once you approve the SEO strategy made by us, we immediately start implementing it with the help of our skilled digital marketing teams. 

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager acts as a connector between our clients and the SEO team. This helps to achieve campaign goals.  

Strategic Dashboard Reporting 

Measuring the results becomes easy with our in-house strategic reporting dashboards. These dashboards are updated in real-time and display traffic, keyword rankings, channel split, landing pages, conversions, and ROI.

Do you want to start your project ?

A thoughtful discovery process will help us gain an accurate understanding of the breadth and depth of your project so that we can develop realistic project recommendations.


A backlink audit is an important step that checks the website’s SEO. The link audits help you to differentiate between harmful and valuable backlinks.

The unnatural or low-quality backlink from an ill-reputed website that manipulates search algorithms. If it is not removed, it can harm the search engine rankings and decrease the traffic to your website.

They are commonly received from:

  • Spam websites

  • Virus-infected sites

  • Link networks

  • Sites that are indexed by Google

Yes, bad backlinks affect your website’s search rankings. If your website receives a bad backlink, your website may lose a good position in Search engine result pages (SERPs). You will then generate less quality traffic and bad brand identity by associating with an untrusted site.

Our SEO company has a dedicated support team to help you out with any questions or doubts about the project. Our experts are connected closely with each client and assist you every time.

In 2022, a comprehensive backlink audit is necessary for businesses. It allows you to get online visibility by enhancing your backlink profile. It detects whether your website has a risk of getting penalized and takes proper action to cure the damage done.