Want to increase search rankings? Want more potential audience for your website? But in trouble? Don’t know where to start. Should you hire an SEO agency or do all the work on your own?

SEO is a vast ocean to understand. Let us dive in and learn whether you can do the SEO on your own or you need an SEO agency to work for you.

An SEO specialist will ensure that your website appears at the top when a user searches for something in the search engines. However, DIY SEO can also help you to a good extent.

We will discuss some DIY SEO elements which can give a boost to your search rankings.


Keywords are important. Whenever you develop a blog post, meta description, title tag, or homepage, you use keywords. Valuable keywords are beneficial for your site and can get traffic through keyword rankings.

Search engines understand what the web page is all about due to the keywords. Suppose you run a salon, and you have a blog section on your website where you discuss different hair treatments, products and services, and FAQs.

If you are writing a blog post on the advantages of hair treatment. You want that the blog post must be seen in the search results. Then you will have to use keywords like “Advantages of hair treatment” or other relevant keywords in your content. You will avoid keyword stuffing and fit in the keyword naturally.

Target keyword research is not hard. A free tool can help you find your target keywords. Here is a simple trick, you can type in the google search box and see what Google suggests to you as you type in.

Off-page SEO

Off Page SEO is equally important as On page SEO. Link building is a part of off page SEO. When websites with high authority link to your website, you get an excellent boost in your search rankings. You can monitor the website traffic using Google analytics. All you need to create a google analytics account. This overall process needs a lot of time and dedication.

If you engage in buying links for immediate results, you can end up getting penalized in SERPs. As you may purchase bad links rather than good ones. You should also avoid creating duplicate content.

Consider making great content that people are willing to read and share. If you are writing educational blog posts or making interesting videos, then you are going well. You can explore the internet to get more ideas.

As a part of your content marketing strategy, you can use Google trends where you can find about your competitors’ content, trending topics on Quora and Reddit, and Social media platforms.

Start promoting your content on social media. If your site is visible to a big crowd of people, there are high chances that you can get others to link to your site.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important if you run your business physically and want more people in your surrounding to find out about your location. If you have searched for “Cafes near me”, you will get results that are located in the same vicinity as yours.

You can get a list of cafes near you. All these are already listed on the google my business platform. You can also create one and update contact information, location, working hours, etc. Doing this will definitely increase your website presence.

Technical SEO

Another element is technical SEO. The word suggests it is related to the technical aspects of the website. It includes internal links, site security, duplicate content, responsive web design, landing page speed, etc. Technical issues can be noticed in Technical SEO.

These were the important SEO elements. If you want to do SEO on your own, you should know them all.

We know you must be having a lot of questions such as –

Will I be able to do DIY SEO?, Will I get the desired rankings if I do the SEO on my own? I do not have the time to focus on SEO activities, will my website stand in long run?

You may be still wondering how to do it. From small business owners to multinational companies want to gain a potential audience and higher rankings in search engines. Doing SEO on your own is very time-consuming.

You have multiple main functions to perform in an organization. If you focus on SEO only, you will neglect the main work. If you focus on doing your main work, you won’t be able to focus on SEO. Don’t lose hope, everything will work when you have a person with expertise in SEO. That is when an SEO company comes into the picture.

We will now discuss why hiring an SEO company is important?

SEO- a three-lettered word but has a great impact on your online success. Optimization is considered a battle. Organic traffic is essential that the amount spent keeps on increasing every year. As a result, the marketing budget keeps on increasing every year.

It becomes necessary to hire an in-house SEO expert. Did you ever wonder if DIY SEO can cost you more than you think? Let’s get on these 5 reasons why you will need an SEO specialist.

1. A Basic SEO Strategy is Not Sufficient for Effective Content Marketing

No matter how good an understanding you have of SEO. You know everything right from doing keyword research, targeting keywords, writing original web content, etc. In some exceptional cases, it does not mean that you will get on the top of search engines.

Knowing a particular thing and doing it daily are two distinct things. Search Engine Optimization is a subject where practicability is more important. You should go beyond the basic SEO. For this, you need an SEO specialist to help you gain qualified traffic and relevant traffic.

2. Google Penalties – Hardest to Overcome

A bad/ spammy website can lose all the website traffic and get penalized by Google. It may become very difficult for your website to get back to its original position. Your website can get partially penalized, totally penalized, or simply lose its positions.

The main cause of this is that your website is not SEO-friendly. It is vital to understand the SEO properly, You will need a knowledgeable SEO expert who can execute a strong SEO campaign for your business.

Following are the most common SEO errors that you can avoid:

  • Duplicate or stolen content from another site.
  • ‍Keyword stuffing
  • Webpages with no optimized content

Even the slightest mistake can affect you badly. It takes a long time to recover your lost traffic. A few weeks, months, or more than that! Whenever you redesign or make major changes to your website, it is always advisable to contact an SEO expert.

You can get an SEO audit which provides you with a clear direction of what exactly is needed. The experts can provide you with technical specifications and a precise SEO strategy. Even if you have a small budget, you can ask specific questions to them. This can save up your time in searching online to resolve the problem.

3. Save Time and Money With an SEO Company

It takes hours and expensive tools for an effective SEO. DIY SEO implies that you are giving your valuable time other than focusing on your company’s operations. Why risk your growth, when you can trust an expert?

If you don’t use your 100% minute in growing your business, you may remain behind the competition. If you listen to valuable SEO advice, it will save both time and money. Make an excellent investment and also focus on your business priorities as a business leader.

4. SEO is an Ever-Changing Field

The scariest thing about SEO is that it changes every week, every day, every minute, or overnight. The practices that you used in the past can lead to a penalty in a minute.

Did you know that there have been 70 algorithmic changes at Google? These changes will not decrease especially talking about machine learning and vocal search. You can even expect changes in the future if the web migrates to mobile completely.

5. SEO Requires Various Skill Sets

SEO might seem simple but everything is not easy. You can gain more organic traffic and it can cost a high amount of money. Other methods can be cheap and easy. For setting up a successful SEO campaign, you need the following elements.

  • On-site optimization
  • Optimization external to the site
  • Content optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile SEO Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Voice SEO Optimization
  • Markup tags
  • Keywords & research intent

This list keeps on increasing. SEO includes many other aspects rather than keywords used to achieve a high click rate. Continuous optimization and remediation are required for good SEO.

In Conclusion, if You Are Not an Expert, Hire an SEO Expert

If you own a small or medium-sized company, it is not possible to do SEO on your own. It is important to save valuable resources such as money and time on the important task of your business. Working with an SEO company is always rewarding.