Learn what makes an effective SEO strategy successful. A successful SEO strategy needs your time and patience to bloom from a sapling into a full-fledged tree.  Your law firm will always stay ahead of the competition by improving rankings, driving more organic traffic, and attracting more leads when you have the powerful weapon with you. You guessed it right, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful weapon to disrupt your industry.

It is truly said, “Rome wasn’t built in one day”, likewise ranking at the top of google search results doesn’t happen in a day, it takes a good amount of effort to do so. A smart SEO strategy that consists of technical SEO, relevant content creation, local SEO, can help.  In this “4 Requirements” guide, we will discuss the elements that every business owner or law firm needs to climb the mountain of views and generate more sales from the search engines.

Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?  Technical SEO can be called the roots of an SEO strategy as it confirms whether the site is “indexable” by search engines or not.  If the technical SEO is weak, it may affect the pages as the search engines are unable to find, analyze, and rank your website.

Following are some of the common technical SEO issues:

  • Crawl errors
  • Missing HTTPS
  • Mobile optimization issues
  • Duplicate content errors
  • Duplicate metadata
  • Broken links
  • Missing or incomplete sitemap
  • Slow page speed

A technical SEO specialist can show you the right path by fixing the above issues. The specialist will perform a website audit, result in reports, and develop an action plan to approach. There are many resources available online, to audit your website on your own.

Content Strategy

It is believed that boring content means legal content. However, legal content can prove interesting to the audience as there are several topics to present on your law firm blog.  Consider conducting keyword research for legal content. This makes your blog SEO effective and engaging. You can use freemium tools such as Ahrefs.com or SEMRush.com to search target keywords, topic ideas, link building tactics, etc.

Content marketing, on-page optimization, on-page SEO are parts of content strategy. With a particular search intent, a visitor will enter search queries, and accordingly result in web pages will appear. SEO marketing strategy makes use of Google Analytics to understand the audience better.

Ways to Create Content for Your Law Firm

First, make a list of topics that are relevant to your services and topics that interest your audience.  There may be numerous topic ideas you will come across. But don’t worry, use all of them to identify the keywords and focus on the important topics.  Second, use the keyword research tool and identify the keywords with high search volume and low competition. Find the sweet spot, make it a goal to find long-tail keywords with high search volume, a low competition score, and engage your potential clients. Turn this research into the finest blog post.

Lastly, write interesting blog posts or articles to woo your target audience. Following SEO strategies and writing SEO-friendly content can help you rank higher in the search engines. You can also create a call-to-action plan to help those readers in need of legal services.

Link Building

Link building is one of the underrated SEO practices, many people don’t even know the importance of link building. In Google’s website ranking algorithms, links are one of the essential parts. Hence, relevant links for your law firm have become a necessity.  Links are of two types: Low-quality links and high-quality links. A mistake that law firms make is they purchase low-quality links and this affects their site’s growth. Being a law firm, consider investing in real link building techniques as high-quality links will add value to your site and help you have a good long-term authority. Publishing “What” posts, “Why” posts, infographics will attract links from other sites.

Always publish informational content that is searched on a large scale and provides value to the readers. When we talk about the numbers, this type of content receives 25.8% additional links as compared to “How-to” articles and videos. Long-form content which is over 1500 words is also worth writing to attract links and add value to the reader.  It is observed that long-form content has a higher percentage of backlinks which amounts to 77.2% in comparison with short articles.

Link building for law firms includes building online citations. Submit your law firm’s information to popular directories. Find below some of the reputable legal directories:

  • Super Lawyers
  • Nolo
  • Lawyers.com
  • HG.org
  • FindLaw
  • Justia
  • Avvo

Local SEO

Local SEO is the primary part of a legal SEO strategy.  Hence many lawyers target a local area. It is always profitable to reach out to potential clients that reside in your area rather than entering the high competition by targeting a wider area. You have to create your law firm’s listing in directories such as Bing Places, Google My Business, and Yelp.  This enables you to build local listings and target geo-specific keywords in your content. You can also create localized backlinks (links from similar services) and also build Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Let us understand more with the help of examples: A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles uses the keywords “PI attorney LA” or “LA personal injury lawyer” rather than using broader terms like “personal injury lawyer” or “LA attorney.”If we see Jacoby & Meyers website’s “Areas We Serve” section. Each area (Los Angeles) has different places which focus on location-based topics such as Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents, Amputations, Back & Spinal Cord injuries, injury types, etc.  Focusing on a particular area helps to attract visitors having an interest in your service who reside in your city by reducing the competition. Local SEO will help you improve your local search rankings in Google and attract the right types of clients online.

Begin Your SEO Action Plan Now

Do you know about four components to make an efficient SEO strategy? Technical SEO, Engaging content, link building, and Local SEO are the four components you must be well aware of after reading this post. To improve your law firm’s SEO, effective implementation of these elements is a must for achieving SEO success. You can always trust an SEO expert to do work for you. They will create an SEO strategy

At the same time, you have to go along the flow, keep track of the results and organize the process and make an SEO action plan work for your site.