Here is a quick question: What is the most valuable strategy you can use to boost your rankings in search engines? The answer is Search engine optimization.

SEO can work wonders for your website. In the US, SEO spending is recorded at $79.3 billion in 2020.

If your business implements SEO campaigns, you can achieve high search rankings, increase your organic traffic, create brand awareness, and can boost your revenue.

Now you understand why SEO is the most effective marketing strategy. If your SEO strategy is powerful, you can drive organic traffic in no time.

Do you also want to know how long it will take to get organic traffic? Right?

In this blog post, we will talk about the SEO timeline to drive organic traffic, the time required to see the SEO results, and many more.

Why does it take SEO so long to work?

SEO is divided into various sub-strategies. It becomes difficult to see the results immediately. Google takes time to determine the following such as:

  • Relevance of your webpage to the user intent
  • What search intent your page includes
  • Reliability and trustworthiness of the information
  • If your keywords are used in an appropriate content
  • Images on your site
  • How long does it take to load the page
  • Number of backlinks on your website

The information given above decides whether you will rank at the top, or last of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google crawls and indexes your website before ranking.

Google wants the searchers to get the most relevant information and a good user experience. Hence, Google ranks the most relevant and authoritative site at the top.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

With all the information given above, it is clear that SEO takes longer than other strategies. you must be curious to know about the exact time to get organic traffic, leads, and good revenue from SEO?

Well, it is hard to tell the exact time that your company will take to see more traffic from SEO. The duration of getting organic traffic depends on the following factors given below:

  • Competition
  • The keyword that you’re trying to rank for
  • How easily and quickly Google indexes your content

Keeping all the things in your mind, it can take 4-6 months to see organic traffic from SEO. The time required is measured at the beginning of an SEO campaign.

It may be very frustrating for business owners as they do not understand that a simple strategy actually takes time to produce results.

Although SEO is not an easy strategy. There are many sub-strategies that add speed to the campaign effectively in long run. In the next part of this blog post, we will look at various stages involved in an SEO campaign which takes time to get organic traffic.

A typical SEO timeline: What happens in months 1 to 6

The time required in an SEO strategy can be understood better month by month.

Month 1

After doing your research, you can determine which SEO company is good for you. An SEO company offers all the SEO strategies that you are looking for. You get started without any ado. In the first month, SEO will work in the following ways.


It all starts with proper research about every minute detail of your brand. It provides useful information as every company is different and unique.

SEO experts will research more about your industry, competitive keywords, competitors, competitors’ strategy, your specific niche, etc.

All this information helps to develop an excellent SEO campaign.

Website audit

An SEO company will have a look at the website structure, previous content marketing strategies used, content, and overall user experience. The best companies like Guest Blogging Technology will also do an accurate SEO or website audit.

The website audit tells them about the areas of improvement and based on that we create a game plan for SEO strategy.

Keyword planning

“Content is king” is very right. In order to rank in the search engines, you need content. Without the content, your website is of no use.

You have to create web pages that contain keywords that target your audience in a google search online. To rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) keyword research and planning is very essential.

Determination of the scope of keywords, how many, and what kind can be made easy through keyword research.

All the above things mentioned can take you more than a month to finish. An SEO company can also implement strategies for the second month in the first month itself. It all depends on the quality and standard of the website.

Month 2

Now let us look at the things that happen in the second month of the SEO campaign.

Website modifications

Technical SEO work is done typically in the second month. SEO will focus on the backend of your website. Right from many necessary changes to resolving technical issues.

The modifications made are based on the website audit. If you have great alt tags for all the images, there is no need to pull out the alt tag report and fix them. If it is noticed that there is something lacking in meta tags, then the experts will update them. There is a need to start SEO from the beginning, if your site is old or if you have bought from someone.

Ensure responsive design

The user should have a great experience no matter which device they use. Hence, a responsive design is important. If the site is not responsive, users can view the site on smartphones or tablets but the site doesn’t look the same on the desktop and vice versa.

The tabs may cut off, images can be seen on the whole screen, difficulty in navigation. At this point, the digital marketing manager will make sure that the site is responsive as it affects the search engine rankings.

Month 3

In the third month, the actual magic happens. Earlier we said, “Content is King.” We start applying this mantra.

Keyword selection

Before creating and implementing content, the experts will consider the long list of keywords created during the first month. They will sort the list and use some of the target keywords.

Different keywords have different types of content. Some of the examples are long-tail keywords and generic keywords.

The keywords that include one or two words and describe a broad topic are called generic keywords. Some keyword phrases are “books”, “schools”, or “cats”. They have a high search volume, and many others target them. They are difficult to rank organically.

Long-tail keywords are more specific and consist of only three or more words. These keywords fulfill the specific needs of the searchers.

For example: “pasta with jalapeno and cheese”, “red t-shirt with white embroidery”, or “cute cats in USA”. Each of these keywords fulfills some specific need.

Experts always target long-tail keywords as they have lower monthly search volume and they can increase the qualified leads- people who are going to purchase your goods or services. High search volume and low competition is the perfect combination to get SEO success.

There is a lot much effort required for keyword selection before you start writing content. Hence, content creation carries out the whole month or even more depending upon what your website needs.

Content creation

Content creation is the most important part of the SEO campaign. It is the process that determines what keywords should be included in the content. Once the keywords are decided, it is time to create content.

As there are types in keywords, there are types in content too. In the third month, the SEO company will couple each keyword with a particular content so that things work best for you.

For instance, there are long-form content, blog content, service content, etc. At this stage, the digital marketing manager will decide which content is required and will create a plan accordingly.

Long-form content is more than 2000 words and is useful for SEO reasons. You can earn higher organic traffic, social shares, and a good number of backlinks.

It is not at all easy to create a 2000-word article and post it online. Content writers have to be careful when they write content as it is important to satisfy the search intent and give the user relevant content. For example: if a user searches “cheese pasta”. The user can want a recipe to make cheese pasta or a location that serves cheese pasta or a history of cheese pasta.

Earlier, keyword stuffing was prevalent. The content was full of keywords, Google has become smarter now. For ranking your content, your website should contain keywords that fulfill the user intent and not just use the keywords.

There is a lot of commitment required for blog content as you have to update it on regular basis. Blogs are extremely essential for SEO. SEO companies also recommend including a blog section on your website and providing you with the blog content at an additional cost.

You can share the blogs easily on social media. They act as a constant stir of information for the readers and favor all the guidelines of Google.

Your website must contain the general product and service content. This content is related to your business, story, specs, and product or service descriptions. This information plays an important role as Google ranks your product or service based on this information.

It is good if the content appears on your site sooner. Google starts indexing the content and gives rankings in the search engines as soon you upload the content.

If it is your first week, do not accept the content in the search results. It may take a month or two to get a good ranking.

Month 4

In the fourth month, you start seeing the results. You can watch the increase in site traffic and improvements in site rankings.

Does the SEO work get over here? No. The experts will continue to implement content, resolve technical issues, and they will make sure that your site is fully functional.

They execute link building process to keep the SEO going. If you have authoritative links pointing to your website, you can get into the eyes of Google. Google always trusts sites with high authority. For getting backlinks, the marketing manager will reach out to high authority websites and will ask them to link to your content.

Month 5

Now you see the real results from the SEO campaign. There is an increase in web traffic and an increase in sales. This means your campaign is working and going in the same direction.

What does the SEO agency do this month?

Looping in social media

Social media is very important. You can’t just ignore it. If your social media profiles are not linked to your website, this is done at this stage. The SEO agency can take up the responsibility for all social media accounts. They will suggest a good social media marketing agency or carry out the process on their own.

Analyzing current results

An SEO agency will get back to you with all the detailed reports and findings. They will use tools like Google search console, and Google analytics to capture all the performance of the campaign. It is around five months when you start seeing a boost in traffic and conversions.

It’s a cherry on top if you work with Guest Blogging Technology.

Month 6

The last month. Last cannot be the least sometimes. Don’t get disappointed if you haven’t seen the expected results. There are a lot of factors that decide how long it takes to drive organic traffic through SEO.

If your strategies were that powerful, you might have seen all the desirable results by now. If your website is producing organic traffic, Congratulations!

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We hope you know how long SEO takes to drive organic traffic. If you want to reap the advantages including website traffic, brand awareness, and qualified revenue, We can help!