Broaden your real estate market with link building services. Link building for real estate businesses to rank higher in the search engines. The real estate market is regarded as very competitive and valuable. Creating a strong online presence to shine brightly in the crowd is very necessary. Your buyers, sellers, and investors get familiar with your company. Setting a website and some social media profiles is the first step opted for by many real estate agents. Many get stuck in the first step only and do not move to the next step, as a result, they never attract potential customers. Building an online presence is not a one-time activity. On-page SEO, quality content marketing, and link building activities should go hand in hand to produce amazing results. Always focus on search engine optimization strategies that suit your niche. As a real estate company, you will not focus on the beauty products link building strategy.  Still, struggling to understand why link building and how to proceed further? Don’t need to worry, we are here to change your perspective!

Why is Link Building for Real Estate so Important?

Inbound links are the most important ranking factors. Google started using them as a ranking factor first and there is no chance to see this change soon. Building links was considered a numbers game. Even today many companies focus on numbers i.e quantity only if the links are full of quality and relevancy. For you who belong to the real estate market, it might be difficult to understand this concept of link building but once understood you will regret not having used it earlier. Your website will rank higher and there will be growth in exposure and leads. Have a look at the 6 tips given in this blog post that will assist you in getting links to your real estate site.

Make Use of Your Existing Network

The real estate industry consists of various responsibilities like working together, transferring a property from one owner to the next, etc. Teamwork plays a very important role and you can promote yourself online through outreach link building efforts. For example, You are a realtor and you work with lenders and other real estate companies. As you are already connected with these people, you can ask them for a link and even success rates are higher as they know you so they won’t mind. Besides this, you must be working with many organizations like local news sources, local Chamber, real estate websites, and geo-relevant websites. What you have to do is prepare a list of your contacts with other companies and people in the real estate market who cover the same location as yours. Send an email asking them to collaborate with you. This is the fastest way to earn some great geo-targeted links and help you stand out from the competition as it is harder for your competitors to do the same. You can also opt for guest posting on relevant real estate blogs. Guest posts are a great way to drive potential website traffic. Real estate blog content creation needs real estate professionals.

Always Study What Your Competitors Are Doing

When building an initial marketing plan, focus on solid competitive analysis. This saves your time and money. Your first-hand experience and data will change as you grow. While performing competitive analysis, identify which competitors are powerful for the keywords and accordingly create a “top competitors list.” The list can vary as per the web pages and posts. Let’s make your task easy. Search the most important keywords by searching on Google and prepare a list of top 5 websites for each keyword. After doing this, analyze your competitors’ link profiles. Not all competitors’ links are worth replicating whereas some are worth replicating. For this, you need to know the process of quality backlink and link building tactics in 2020. After understanding these strategies, you can build a “Competitors with best links” list and prepare a plan to recreate them.

Define Your Uniqueness

You must have seen that all companies have a mission statement, a tagline, and marketing collateral pieces. This can prove beneficial at the early stage when you execute link building strategy. Every piece of content should have some purpose and value. There are a variety of ways to create value, but it is not limited to education. You create products and services to meet the needs of your target audience. Content helps in recognizing, considering, and comparing products and services. Some content leads them to a transactional page and helps them to end the loop and resolve their issues. When you promote content with the help of link outreach, make sure that the content fits the buyer cycle currently. After this, you can promote content as well as transaction pages. We will talk about it more later.

Create Geo-Targeted Content

What is Geo-targeted content? Geo-targeted content focuses on location instead of an industry. For example: Suppose, you sell houses in Nashville, TN, and post the advertisements on your website. You should also create content about neighborhoods, bars, restaurants, and other relevant information. Convert your own website from a sales page to a resource.  Assume, for instance, that in tip 1 (connecting your existing network) you have good relationships with three restaurants in your area. If you created a post on your blog about some great local restaurants, they are most likely to link to you. It’s just one example, but we can improve easily. As a result, the content that you create will attract links and give high rankings. For example: If you plan to move to a new place, and you come across a realtor site that provides details about schools, entertainment, neighborhood area, and other important information. You would contact that website first. If you are into re-marketing strategies, this content will help you build an audience that is interested in your niche.  Altogether, excellent geo-targeted content can add essential value to your business, you never had imagined! Do it regularly, do it always!

Begin Small to Build Big

If you are into commercial and residential real estate, you might reach each and everyone in that market. This shows that you are unfocused. Always have one focus area. Curious to know more, read further. Define your unique value and focus your outreach to small groups.  Suppose you have a rental home search website and you offer unique pet-friendly and pet-free homes. This gives you two different outreach targets. You can contact animal shelters, local vets, and other animal help organizations and provide information about your site which allows pet-friendly rentals for pet owners easily. What a win-win for all three parties! On the other side, for homes that do not allow pets, you can contact sites related to allergy, asthma, etc, and let them learn that you find homes that won’t trigger pet allergies. This is just an example, but your mindset will define how you transform a “sales” page into a “valuable research” page.

Always Set a Clear Goal and Ask For Help If You Need It

Always make SMART goals. What is SMART? SMART stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Deciding to execute a new marketing plan? Follow SMART goals to achieve the best results. You need a proper direction without that you won’t know whether you have arrived at the destination or not. As you dive into this process, you will realize that link building is time-consuming and resource-effective. This can put you behind the schedule and affect all your marketing goals. Many real estate firms handle the link building internally and to increase their link acquisition, they rely on outsourcing the link building externally. You need to identify when to switch to internal link building and when to external link building. So that as a marketing director of link building, it is important to stay on track and accomplish your goals. If you work with a reputable real estate link building agency, you will reach a higher scale at a minimum cost for setting an in-house link building team.

Getting Started Now

It is a challenging task to build real estate links, but it is worth it if you have some. Here is a quick reminder, Always focus on natural, quality links. It takes time to get them, but they will be beneficial over a long way and pay you for sweet fruits. You will be able to build a solid link profile. You can speed up the process by relying on a reputable link building company. Remember good services are expensive due to quality while connecting with link building partners. Real estate SEO strategy involves real estate investing in SEO by a real estate professional, real estate agent, real estate investor, etc. Before you regret not starting earlier, start now. The perfect time is now!