More traffic, better rankings, more from search engine optimization? Everything can be achieved when you use the right SEO techniques.

SEO techniques can work well for you if you want to increase sales, store visits, or leads. To know more keep reading about the latest SEO techniques you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy.

SEO techniques – Meaning & Types

The methods used to rank a website higher on the search engines like Google are called SEO techniques. There are two major types of SEO techniques:

Black hat techniques and White hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are the best techniques that improve visibility on search engines in an ethical way.

Black hat SEO techniques are unethical techniques to rank on search engines.

In this blog post, we will learn about how to rank higher on search engine results pages by using the best SEO techniques and white hat SEO practices.

Update And Enhance Existing Content

To generate organic traffic, it is very important to update your website regularly. Do you know that Google’s algorithm named Content Freshness appreciates brand new content over outdated content? We do not know the importance of updating the articles. Google states that all over 6-10% of searches are affected by this algorithm.

If your website posts about news, sports updates, reviews, and current scenarios for 2022, then it is very important to keep the website updated. Google prefers up-to-date information.

Remember this best SEO technique where you remove some content from the existing article and add new to stand out from others. Depth, content is preferred by Google and this can boost your search rankings.

Topical Authority

To ensure the best results, Google uses 10,000+ ranking signals. A topical authority is one of them.

If you want more traffic, you will publish similar types of content or we can say relevant content about your website’s niche. Google wants to see content relatable to your website.

The best SEO techniques are Topical relevance and authority which requires the least effort.

Improve E-A-T

The full form for E-A-T. is “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness”

Google has some quality guidelines that rate and rank the “YMYL” articles, What is YMYL? It stands for “Your Money, Your Life.” It deals with articles on “finance, safety, health, stability, and happiness.”

The main goal of E.A.T. is to improve user experience without disturbing it. Here are some strategies, you can implement in your EAT.


  • Develop an article and showcase your knowledge about a specific field.
  • Include an author bio mandatorily.
  • Collaborate with experts who have a history in writing.


  • Obtain backlinks from relevant sites that have a good reputation.
  • Increase the online positive mentions on the website, forums, etc.


Get positive reviews from your customers about the product or business.

Make your website secure and encrypted, so that the visitors have a safe experience while purchasing or browsing your website.

E.A.T. is a wide SEO topic to learn and is considered one of the best SEO techniques to increase organic traffic.

Run An Audit

If you audit your website, you can know about errors or glitches that can lower your search engine rankings. You may use free and paid tools to run an advanced SEO audit. It is important to remove all the barriers when you want SEO success.

One such free SEO tool by Google is the Google search console (GSC). You can know about the performance and the technical issues of the website. You can find error pages on your site.

If you want an in-depth audit, you may use premium SEO tools. Search engine optimization strategy should find the problems and fix them by finding solutions.

Internal Linking Is A Must

One of the link-building strategies is internal linking. The hyperlinks that connect different web pages of the same website are called internal links.

Have a look at various benefits of internal linking:

  • Internal links boost page views per session which is good for your rankings.
  • Search engines and site visitors can easily access your page.
  • It builds websites navigation and overall site architecture.
  • Internal links rank content high on Google.

Links and Mentions

One of the things that can impact your SEO is backlinks. Can backlinks rank my content on SERP? Yes, quality backlinks are the way to do so.

If many websites link to your website, Google sees your website as a helpful website and ranks you at the top.

Search engines do not approve SEO techniques such as buying or exchanging links for something. Even black hat link-building techniques can get your website penalized.

When other websites have mentioned your name or website, it haves a positive impact on Google. It is a major ranking factor to get yourself out as a good website.

Improve UX

User experience very an essential SEO technique. Google’s ranking signals such as core web vitals and rank brain focuses on user experience. It is important to optimize the website for visitors.

If a visitor has a good experience on your website, they stay for a long time, and they visit and revisit your website.

Want to know more about improving the UX of your website? Read the following points:

  • Increase the speed of your website,
  • Design for mobile visitors,
  • Have a good website structure,
  • Have an easy to navigate website,
  • Utilize popups on mobile,
  • Have an interesting webpage

Optimize Featured Snippets

First, you need to rank your article at the top which means on the first page of the Google search engine. Once you rank your content, optimizing featured snippets is not a difficult task.

If your article is present on Page one of search engines, then you can follow the below methods to optimize featured snippets:

  • Start answering as many FAQs and use the primary keyword.
  • Include the “people also ask” questions in your article.
  • Try answering FAQs with a “Yes or No,” and give an explanation in one or two lines.

This will raise the chances of ranking keywords high in the featured snippet.

Load time

Website speed is very critical to your SEO success. A website that takes time to load can affect rankings and website conversion. Visitors may leave your website if they do not get what they want immediately.

Keep in mind the SEO tactics to increase page speed:

  • Upgrade to a cloud or dedicated hosting
  • Minimize your CSS and Javascript files
  • Compress your images before uploading them to the website
  • Async or defer Javascript files

Find Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Keyword research is a must for SEO. Have you heard about low-hanging keywords?

The keywords which rank between the 5 to 20 positions on the first and second page of SERPs are called low-hanging fruit keywords. They are easy to rank at the top by making some variations to the webpage.

How to find low-hanging fruit keywords?

You can use Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Implement YouTube SEO

The largest video search engine is YouTube. YouTube videos are seen by 2 billion monthly visitors. Google is the first largest search engine, YouTube stands in the second position. Google algorithm and YouTube algorithms are similar to each other.

Follow some YouTube SEO techniques:

  • Put the keyword in the video tags, description, and thumbnail.
  • Create a captivating headline and thumbnail that affects the C.T.R.
  • Rise your video retention time.
  • Tell your viewers to like, share, and comment on your video.

Youtube SEO strategy will increase click-through rate by producing amazing search results.

Infuse Keyword strategy

Taking about advanced SEO techniques, including meta description, using long-tail keywords can make the search results more specific. You can gain potential visitors ready to make the conversion on your website.

Shine in the SEO world!

Search engine optimization is a complex part of digital marketing. It is an ever-changing aspect. The SEO techniques that you are using today may not work for tomorrow.

When you implement the techniques explained in this blog post, you will be able to gain good website traffic. Have you used any advanced SEO strategies before? No? Start implementing it now.