We all know that link building is not an easy task. It is the most complicated task known in search engine optimization. Many link building companies say that they do great work but it is difficult to trust anyone. Some SEO link building services are white hat whereas some are unethical and of low quality.

What is a link-building service?

A platform or a company that helps you to gain backlinks to your site is called a link building service or company.

Link building service can be a great way to acquire backlinks. But here is a challenge. It is very hard to find genuine quality link-building services. Many link building services end up acquiring low-quality links and spammy links which are not at all liked by Google.

In this blog post, we have put the 7 best link building services which will aid in getting the best backlinks in a white hat way only and will increase your search rankings.

Reputable link-building company

Using the best link building service is a great option. A Specialist link building agency will have a variety of link building strategies to get high-quality links to your site.

This is the best option if you want to hire experts for all the link building efforts. Link building experts will develop a custom link building strategy for your site.

Every link building company is different, you need to be careful which one you select. Selecting the right provider is a must to have a good strategy.

Let’s now see the key points to consider when you hire a link building company.

Analysis – An accurate analysis of the competitors tells us the number of links, types of links, and other successful websites. A link building company should conduct a detailed analysis.

Excellent link building strategy – Ensure that the link building tactics help to develop relevant links in the niche. There should be a proper structure of how the link building campaign should actually work.

Pricing – Every link building services provide different link building packages. If the price is very good as compared to other services, it can be a sign that the quality is not so good.

Samples – Whenever you are in touch with link building agency, ask them for link samples or case studies. This will help you to know the work quality, and determine the link quality.

Outreach platform

Find the relevant bloggers and sites with whom you can connect by email and try to earn a backlink can be done easily by using link building outreach platforms. It is an important aspect of the link building campaign. This method is good to use if you have an in-house marketing expert who manages the link building process. It saves a lot of time on creating prospects, emailing them, and looking for leads for link building.


The platform joins journalists together who seek expertise from sources having profound knowledge.

Many journalists use HARO so that they can get information from experts in any industry. If you see sites like Shopify, Yahoo, and American Express, you may find a lot of requests.

You may get a source link to your site when you answer the request. Even your opinion gets featured in their article.

What an incredible and free link building way it is! You can get very high authority backlinks.

Citation building service

Many local businesses have links from directories. If you see a backlink profile of any local family doctor in your vicinity, you will find that websites at the top have dozens of directory links.

This is why directory links also called citation links are a way local businesses can grow naturally. These links are very effective as most sites get ranked well by this type of link only.

We recommend you find a good citation building service if you are an owner of a local business or agency owner. Building links in your own niche can be challenging, but they will make the task very easy.

Facebook & Slack groups

Social media is the buzz. You have a great opportunity to build links if you are willing to spend your time. Many people create great content for companies and brands.

Let’s see how it works:

There is a group of content writers. These content writers work for various brands or they may also freelance for their clients. A writer posts a post saying that he is writing a blog post for a reputed company about healthcare products.

He will ask the group if the group members have any sources to link and make the blog post perfect.

If he finds some sources that are worthy and suitable for the post, he will include a link in the post. The owner of the website who has the link in his article owes a link in return.

The currency here is the links. Everyone is going to revolve around links. All the content writers are amazing so they are going to link to great content. We can say that it is a win-win situation for all.

In the B2B and SaaS world, this type of link building works the best. If you want to build links to your website about food, start finding a group that has many food bloggers present.

Podcast booking service

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of podcasts in every niche. The host of the podcast always wants to interview great guests.

This can be a very incredible way to increase your brand awareness. The podcast host will link back to your site. That’s it you gain a backlink!

The only drawback is that the process is time-consuming and it can be a lot mental draining if you do not enjoy doing podcast interviews.

Digital PR

In Digital PR, the high-quality content is shared with the relevant journalist who covers the story.

If you connect with the digital PR company which is the best. You can rely on them in content creation, the content gets selected by journalists regularly. In the end, you get rewarded with links from high authoritative websites.

Both the activities- PR (public relations) and link building have the same objective. Backlinks are becoming very much popular in the PR industry.

Avoid these link-building services

Let’s have a look at the link-building services you should avoid. If you are using these services unknowingly, stop right there.

Private Blog Networks (PBNs) – This black hat link building allows you to create websites that are purposely created to link to other websites. This manipulates the search engine rankings. You will get links on rent from PBN providers. However, these links do not last long.

Link Farms – A large group of domains is bought by the same owner to fool the new link builders. If you see the profile of these domains, it appears that they have a high DA score and good organic traffic. Later on, we will notice that the website is ranking for spammy keywords and is meant to sell links.

Be careful investing in link building

Achieving the best search engine rankings is all that we want. Be vigilant and careful when you invest in link building. Have your research ready, and connect with link building service that can have a great impact on your ROI.