Due to the advancement in technology, mobile phone devices have become very popular. They are easy to use and easy to carry. Mobile phones become a part of everyday routine.

Desktop computers are only limited to student and professional activities. Google focuses more on mobile interfaces. A website should be made in such a way that its navigation and performance are well suited for a mobile device.

Mobile phones are the main source of to access the Internet. 53% of traffic comes from mobile searches.

Now you can see that mobile becomes an essential requirement to have search results, no matter what is the size or nature of your company. People are using smartphones and tablets to visit numerous websites.

If your website is not mobile-friendly and responsive, mobile visitors tend to leave the website and you lose the potential audience. In this post, let us talk about mobile SEO, its importance, and some best practices to improve it.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

If you are ready with your website and want to enhance it more, you should read the following tactics to include in your mobile optimization strategy.

Responsive web design

There are different mobile devices used that come in various screen sizes.

If your website design is responsive, the screen will be optimized accordingly to the devices irrespective of screen sizes. Google also recommends a design pattern.

Here are the things you get when you adopt a responsive web design.

Remember to have only one URL for various devices such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This helps the user to find your content easily.

Trying to reduce the website load time so that there is no need for redirection to offer a perfect view.

Focus on increasing the crawling efficiency of Googlebot. A single Googlebot crawls your page to get different pages. There may be chances that different Googlebot agents crawl different versions. If the crawling efficiency is stronger it means that more pages are going to get indexed.

Enhance the browsing experience so that it looks good across various devices.

Website Speed

One of the most important aspects of mobile search engine optimization is website speed.

You may have noticed that the website loading speed is slower as compared to desktops. Even if you increase the website loading speed on desktops, it won’t affect the speed on mobiles.

Bounce rate increases when a page is loading slowly. The users leave the website if the content requires more time to display.

You can use PageSpeed Insights which is a free tool by Google. You can measure the website performance on desktop and mobile devices. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website and you will get all the necessary insights about various aspects.

Use legible typography

The best practice of mobile search engine optimization is to provide a great user experience.

If the font size of your website is too small, the users have to zoom in every time they read the content.

You can follow the below-given practices to give a better viewing experience.

  • Each line must consist of more than 8-10 words which means 70-80 characters.
  • A paragraph should not exceed two or three lines.
  • The minimum font size should be 16px.
  • Don’t write a long piece of content. Always include smaller texts in your content.
  • Give proper space between words.

Prepare your website for mobile-first indexing

Google crawls, indexes, and ranks the mobile version of the website to rank the website.

Website owners who have switched to mobile-first indexing have seen an increase in crawl rate from Mobile Googlebot. You have to prepare for mobile-first indexing before you start with mobile SEO.

Annotations for desktop and mobile URLs

There are issues related to duplicate content that can be avoided using Canonical tags. If you use the ‘Rel-Canonical’ tag on your mobile website. This helps Google to index the web pages correctly and avoid unoriginal content.

Focus on Mobile sitemaps

One of the techniques used in mobile SEO is creating XML sitemaps. When you create an XML sitemap, you come to know about various indexing issues. You should also remember to keep the mobile XML sitemap pages and the web pages separate.

Different behavior for mobile site

A website may be properly visible on the desktop but when you open the same website on the mobile, it shows the 404 error page. This affects the user experience, hence it is advised to redirect the users to an identical web page.

Mobile-friendly navigation

If the website is navigation friendly, it becomes easy for mobile users to search on your website.

Whereas the page speed and cluttering scenes affect the navigation. If you have a website displaying various products or services, you should include only 4 to 8 top items on a particular page to avoid the user’s decision confusion.


Ranking in search engines is very essential. Mobile SEO services can help you implement a mobile SEO strategy that will get you mobile traffic. You can get into the vision of Google if you fix the mobile site and make it accurate.

If you require any expert advice, our mobile SEO service company. Feel free to contact us. We will help you in ranking higher in search engines and make revenue via sales.