Want to pick the best strategy for your business? Thinking to drive traffic and leads to your business? But confused between SEO and Google Ads? This blog post will clear out your confusion. Figuring digital marketing strategy will become easier after reading this post. Here we go:

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) means optimizing the website and the content and making the website appear higher on the search engines.

Google’s search engine matches the search query of the user with the relevant web pages and displays relevant search results. SEO involves using techniques like keyword research, internal links, etc. If your web page is optimized well, it will generate more traffic and boost conversion and sales of your business.

There are some factors that Google takes into account while determining the rank of your website:

Keyword selection

Choose keywords relevant to your business only. If you sell mobile phones, you would rank yourself for the keywords related to Mobile. Always use keywords related to the page topic and eventually it will rank in relevant search queries.

Content quality

“Quality content is the key” is not something new to understand. Providing high-quality content is always beneficial to you and your readers. Google ranks websites in Google search with long, informative content. If your content is lengthy and full of quality, the user is going to stay for a long period of time. This boosts your engagement, sending signals to Google that your website is good and useful.

Site security

There are risks of getting personal information stolen from Internet browsers. It has now become important to use an SSL certificate to encrypt the information on your website. Google ranks secure sites rather than non-secure sites.

User experience (UX)

Google promotes sites that give a positive experience to the users. You should focus on creating a good user experience this will increase website rankings. UX focuses on enhancing navigations, adding images and videos, and adding headings and bullet points in the content.

Mobile compatibility

There are more mobile phone users in the world which makes mobile web browsing continuous. If a site has a responsive web design, the user can view the website on any device. It is very important to have a mobile-friendly site to rank higher in search results.

Page speed

No one wants to wait. If your site is slow, there are chances the visitor can leave your site in seconds and move on to another site. This may hurt your rankings.

If implementing an SEO campaign, remember to focus on the above-mentioned points.

What are Google Ads?

One of the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms is Google Ads. It allows you to get interesting leads. There are various forms of PPC such as:

  • Search ads: These ads are seen at the top of SERPs, above the organic search results. There is a tag “ad” that distinguishes them from organic listings.
  • Google Shopping ads: You must see the carousel format at the beginning of SERPs containing product images with prices and brands when you search for any product online. These are Google Shopping ads.
  • Local Services ads: If you want to attract local leads for your service company, local service ads are just right for you. They are the ads similar to Shopping ads. The only difference is that they have a listing of the services rather than a product.

You pay Google when a user clicks on your ads. As compared to the traditional way of advertising like television, newspaper, and radio ads, Google Ads are cost-effective. Google Ads are decided through the bidding system. In this system, you bid for the keywords you wish to rank for.

You also decide on the bid amount., It is the maximum amount that you pay when someone clicks on your ad. If you bid for the keyword “Organic traffic”, so the ad will contain the keyword “Organic traffic”. However, the position of then paid search ads depends on the bid and the quality score. Talking about the frequency of the ad, it completely depends on your budget.

SEO vs. Google Ads

To understand the difference, let us look at the comparison between SEO and Google Ads. Both the methods are used to boost relevant traffic and conversion rates.


In SEO, you can generate traffic continuously whereas Google Ads bring traffic to your website only during the Google Ads campaign.


SEO helps to get good google search results whereas Google Ads work in search results and other websites owned by Google.

Cost for clicking

In SEO, you do not pay anything when someone clicks on the listing. In Google Ads, you pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your listing.

Keyword selection

SEO and Google ads go along with both long-tail and short-tail keywords.


SEO takes time to bring invaluable traffic whereas Google Ads takes time to show the results.

Tracking metrics

When you depend on SEO, keeping track of analytics and ROI takes time. Opposite to SEO, Google Ads can be tracked easily and ROI is also high.

Both SEO and PPC Ads offer something unique to your business.

How SEO and Google Ads work together

The blend of both SEO and Google Ads in your digital marketing campaign can increase exposure to your website. In both ways, you can increase your visibility in search engines. This will make your brand a potential brand by gaining potential customers. Here are some advantages when you use SEO and Google Ads together:

Increase your visibility

SEO and PPC ads increase your visibility in the search engines. A number of opportunities are created for you as more visitors visit your site.

Increase traffic

You gain the attention of the search engine and your PPC and SEO efforts lead to a rise in website traffic. In a PPC campaign, you pull short-term or long-term traffic. It depends. SEO can pull long-term traffic for you. Nevertheless, both methods are the best for long-term and short-term traffic.

Use PPC keywords to optimize SEO

Be Smart! You can bid for the keywords that you have targeted in your SEO. Figuring out effective keywords becomes easy when you test using PPC ads.

Conclusion: SEO and Google Ads are Both Great

SEO or PPC? Which is great?

Both are great.

SEO and PPC ads give your business a different dimension in terms of ROI. Using these methods at right time and putting in the right efforts is important. However, choosing between these two completely depends on your digital marketing goals.